Giving The Blog A Bone is a place to discuss all matters rock, because all rock matters. To fans like me anyway.

My hope is that people who have both a love of guitar music-  hard, soft, new, old, dumb, clever – and the same tendency to overthink things as I do might enjoy reading the posts and watching/listening to some of the links.

If this describes you, you may even want to get involved by leaving a comment, following @blogabone on twitter or ‘liking’ the facebook page (coming soon). This way you’ll always known if there’s a new blog out AND you’ll be able to tell me if you think it’s any good.

Alternatively, you can e-mail me at blogabone@gmail.com.

Just so you know, the name is a pun on an AC/DC song title. Puerile and slightly ridiculous. Like all great rock music.


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